Why is in Brazil the spiritual capital of the New Millennium?


The New Jerusalem is the eighth city, where the divine hierarchies vibrate. The Holy City, the headquarters of the new civilization: São Lourenço in Minas Gerais, a city which the twelve signs of the zodiac belong. So is the local history that many say is folklore. But not Eubiose Society.

São Lourenço is the city chosen for the New Millennium, the City of Peace. Legend or not, the story tells that the shape of the city, geographically, with the 7 Holy Cities -. Pouso Alto, Itanhandu, Carmo de Minas, Maria da Fé, São Tomé das Letras, Conceição do Rio Verde and Aiuruoca – forms the Constellation of Orion. The idea that these 7 cities are associated with the seven churches of the Revelation of St. John is very strong. 

Moreover, it is said that every holy city is represented by an angel-regent presented in Kabbalah: Pouso Alto (Michael, Prince of the Heavenly Hosts), Itanhandu (Gabriel), Carmo de Minas (Samael), Maria da Fé (Raphael) São Tomé das Letras (Sachiel), Conceição do Rio Verde (Haniel) and Aiuruoca (Cassiel). 

São Lourenço was also associated with the symbolism of the Great Architect of the Universe Eye and the Age of Aquarius. The atmosphere of spiritual evolution in the region would be very clear on the sacred geometry of the triangle and Crenology. Hence, the New Age, the Golden Age of Civilization (Golden Age and Aquarian cycle) would have started and all would be here simply because it’s all in Central City, the Temple: São Lourenço.

Despite all the controversies, one thing we know for sure: it’s in São Lourenço the Path of the Angels or the Path of Olives, between therapeutic landscapes and therapies, no walking is hard, because wherever you go in these parts any walk in itself is a great healing .

São Lourenço is considered the spiritual capital of the third millennium and all the narration above is what is said in every corner of the city, confirmed by Eubiose Society, which is in São Lourenço.

Mystery or not…Stay there definitely makes living easier and out of negativity.

Pure air, good vibration and green views.

Everywhere you go you feel you are in a very special place, a healing place.

And even the Holy Shroud of Turin is here somehow.

Undoubtedly it’s a place of protection.

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* All photos and video: Spring Water Park, São Lourenço, MG by Clarissa Xavier Machado.

Clarissa Xavier

A professora é voluntária e colabora com artigos nas áreas de educação e estudos religiosos para periódico e livros do Grupo Duna.

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